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David Yerevantsi About the Statue of ST. Gregory of Narek: “This Sculpture is a Phenomenon Within the Limits of Faith and Talent”

On April 5, Vatican city hosted the grand opening of the statue St. Gregory of Narek. ”Armedia” IAA presents an exclusive interview with the sculptor David Yerevantsi (David Babayan).

– Mr. Babayan, when you leaned that the author of the sculpture of Gregory of Narek, installed in Vatican, will be you, how did you imagine it, what would the image of Gregory of Narek be like?

 – Everyone who reads St. Gregory of Narek should have imagination and faith. And if the understanding of a person is able to accept the lines of St. Gregory of Narek, separate imagination is also necessary to display the genius of St. Gregory of Narek in terms of creativity.


– As the author of this work, how do you assess it – what is the uniqueness of the statue?

– Not me, but the audience can give a more objective assessment. I can only say that this sculpture is a phenomenon within the limits of faith and talent, and they can accept it or not only after they see it. I do not want to impose my thoughts on the perception and understanding of others. Every serious sculptor who creates the image of a thinker and such an ecumenical personality like St. Gregory of Narek, does this with the help of the gift given to him from above. I mean the talent in terms of uniqueness. The sculpture of St. Gregory of Narek hides the essence of man and the Creator, there is also the praise of God, but I cannot force anyone to accept this image.


– How important is the installation of the statue of St. Gregory of Narek in Vatican?

– As you know, I had previously made a small, 50-centimeter version of the statue, which the Armenian President presented to the Pope, who in turn approved it. Pope personally approved the place for the statue in the Vatican gardens. Of course, the installation of the statue in Vatican is very important, and not only there. Narek is s a book that everyone should have under his pillow, and every day – a good day or a bad, sunny or rainy – a person should read this book, because it is a science, wisdom, faith that enlightens the people.


– It is said that each sculpture is like a child for the author. You are a sculptor of many statues. Is it difficult for you to part from your work after its creation?

– All my works, which are presented in Paris, Italy, USA and other countries, are my children. I do not part from them, I share them with my people, because it was the people who gave me my talent. I give the statue to the people trying to enlighten them with the help of sculpture. Thanks to my sculptures, Armenians and other nations feel the faith, my Armenian faith, which helps us survive and raise our children.


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