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Turkish director says he is perceived as enemy in Turkey after his film about the Armenian Genocide

Turkish Director Fatih Akın, the author of the film about the Armenian Genocide “The Cut” has not visited Turkey since the premiere of his work, Ermenihaber reported.

“I have not been to Turkey since the Istanbul premier of my film “The Cut” about the Armenian genocide three years ago,” Akın has told an interview with a local news outlet.
“I am really saddened by the fact that Turkey has been going through difficult times. Hatred and racism is poisoning the whole country; hatred and racism has been taking root in Turkey for a long time. The elites used to exploit the townsmen in old times, now townsmen have seized power and started taking revenge,” he added.
“Nowadays I have to stay away from Turkey and I don’t have any plans to shoot a film there at the moment. Even if I had such plans, probably I would be arrested,” he said, noting that after directing “The Cut”, he thinks he is probably perceived in Turkey as an enemy of the people.

“The Cut” is a 2014 internationally co-produced drama about the life and experiences of a young Armenian by the name of Nazareth Manoogian, in the light of the Armenian Genocide and its repercussions in different parts of the world.


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