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Armenian Church observes Holy Saturday

The Armenian Apostolic Church observes today Holy Saturday to commemorate Christ’s destruction of hell and His liberation of righteous souls.

According to the church tradition, the new day begins following the Evening Service. An evening Divine Liturgy is celebrated, at the end of which the good tiding of the glorious resurrection of the Savior is proclaimed: “Christ is Risen from the dead; Blessed be the Resurrection of Christ!”  The period of the Great Lent is thus concluded, Qahana.am reports.

The feast of the Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ or the Easter Feast starts on the eve and is continued after the midnight. On the eve a solemn Candlelight Divine Liturgy and a solemn Divine Liturgy are celebrated. Following the conclusion of the Liturgy, the assembled faithful welcome each other on the occasion of the Glorious Resurrection of Christ conveying the great tiding:  “Christ is Risen from the dead” and receive the answer: “Blessed is the Resurrection of Christ” and take lit candles home, symbolizing the light that Christ brought into the world. The Divine Liturgy celebrated on the eve marks the end of the Great Lent and the start of the festive ceremonies.

Source Panorama.am


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