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Nuclear physicist Yuri Hovhannisyan awarded Lomonosov Gold Medal by Russian Academy of Sciences

YEREVAN, MARCH 30, ARMENPRESS. The Russian Academy of Sciences awarded ethnic Armenian Russian nuclear physicist Yuri Hovhannisyan and Swedish Professor Björn Jonson with the Lomonosov Gold Medal – an honor awarded for outstanding achievements in the natural sciences and the humanities, TASS reports.

“Academician Hovhannisyan is a world renowned scientist in nuclear physics”, an official from the academy said during the ceremony.

The chemical element oganesson (Og, atomic number 118) was named after him in 2016, making him the only currently living person with an element named after him.

Hovhannisyan is considered the world’s leading researcher in superheavy chemical elements.

“In addition to great scientific significance, which elevate all research to a new level, Hovhannisyan’s work strengthens Russia’s leading position and international ties of Russian science”, Nikolay Dulgushkin, secretary of the academy’s chairmanship said.

English –translator/editor: Stepan Kocharyan


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