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Armenian included in project to help refugees with qualifications “passports” in Europe

Armenia has been included in the Council of Europe project to help refugees to have their qualifications recognised abroad.

The project was extended to include more countries on Wednesday, Euractiv reported France, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and Armenia will participate in the second phase of the three-year project, joining Greece, Norway, Italy and the United Kingdom from the first phase, the project’s chief, Sjur Bergan, announced at a news conference.

Bergan said when fleeing a country many refugees find themselves without documents proving their studies. Some do not have the possibility to speak with their universities because they have closed or for political reasons do not want to send documents to exiles.

The project has already helped 73 refugees, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The special “passports” allow the refugees to continue their studies or find work in their field.


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