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Ask the Presidential Candidates to Explain their Policies on Armenian Issues

ANCA Election 2016Take two minutes to ask each of the major Presidential candidates to spell out their views on issues of special concern to Armenian Americans and other pro-Armenia voters. Send them an ANCA WebMail right now, requesting that they outline their policies on a just resolution of the Armenian Genocide, a safe future for the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, the continued growth of U.S.-Armenia Relations, the promotion of regional peace, and the welfare of Armenians and other Christians in the Middle East. Statements by candidates raise awareness of our issues and drive media interest in our community and our cause.

As we make this request for your support, we would also like to share insights on two important issues:
First, as we all know, voters who follow Armenian priorities very often also care deeply about many of the other diverse and pressing issues that concern the rest of American society – ranging from taxes and spending to healthcare and education. So, for insights on these other domestic and foreign policy issues, please remain engaged with civil society groups and lobbies that focus on each of these areas. The ANCA, as our name would indicate, will focus on the Armenian issues.
Second, in seeking, as we should, the views of politicians on Armenian issues, we are, of course, reminded of the often irresponsible and even deceitful conduct of past candidates and, more broadly, the fundamental difference between campaigning and governing within the context of the American political system. We should be neither so naive as to believe all we are told, nor so cynical that we retreat from electoral politics, for the quadrennial Presidential campaign remains the central arena of American democracy – the battleground, as rugged and even rigged as it so often seems – upon which we must advance our agenda and will ultimately realize our aspirations.
Thank you for your support for our outreach during the Presidential campaign. As always, the ANCA welcomes your insights and feedback on any of the candidates. Just drop us a note at ideas@anca.org, or, if you would like, complete our ANCA Presidential Preference Survey.

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