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The Primate’s Thanksgiving Day Message

Western Diocese  of the Armenian Church of North America.
On Thanksgiving Day, we reflect and give thanks for the divine graces and blessings bestowed upon us by the Almighty God. This is the day when each of us needs to respond to God’s call to make our lives spiritually rich and enlightened.

Thanksgiving Day is the day to thank our Heavenly Father, our families, our beloved ones and friends for their invaluable roles in our lives. It is the day which deepens in our hearts the respect for God and for all. On this day, let the journey of our lives become those of peacemakers, for a heart filled with gratitude is a peace-loving heart.
Almighty God,
We thank You for the gift of life. We thank You for our parents, for our homeland and our ancestral home. We thank You for our brave soldiers who lay their lives on the line to protect the freedom loving citizens of this blessed land of the United States of America.
With You and in You is the beginning and the journey of our lives.
Archbishop Hovnan Derderian

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