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eNewsletter of the Eastern Diocese

The Descendants of Armenia’s Patron Saint
The calendar of the Armenian Church singles out four members of St. Gregory the Illuminator’s family—his two sons, Sts. Arisdagés and Vrtanés, and his grandsons, Sts. Krikoris and Husig—and assigns them a special day of commemoration called “The Feast of the Sons and Grandsons of St. Gregory.”

(Arisdagés, the youngest son of St. Gregory the Illuminator, represented the Armenian Church at the Holy Council of Nicaea.)
The day of commemoration (according to the present calendar in force since 1774-75) falls on the Saturday before the Third Sunday of Transfiguration, which this year will be observed on Saturday, July 25.
The descendants of Armenia’s patron saint carried on his missionary work throughout Armenia, helping to cement the nation’s Christian identity. Click on the following links to learn more about the sons http://www.armenianchurch-ed.net/feasts/st-gregory-the-illuminator/his-sons/
and grandsons of St. Gregory

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