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Despite heavy resistance, at 1:20PM Central Time, South Dakota became the 43rd U.S. state to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

Just a few hours ago, we made history!
Specifically, HCR 1009 designates 2015 as the “Year of Remembrance for the Centennial” of the Armenian Genocide from 1915-1923, and calls for the Republic of Turkey to acknowledge the facts of the Armenian Genocide and to work toward a just resolution. It also encourages the South Dakota school system to incorporate the teaching of the Armenian Genocide in their curriculum.

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We won this historic victory because we had you on the ground with us, fighting the good fight against the millions of dollars being poured in by the Turkish lobby, which shamelessly used bullying tactics to try and buy the votes of our elected officials.
While our Government Affairs Director Tereza Yerimyan persistently reached out to educate elected officials about the resolution and South Dakota’s proud history in saving the Armenian nation from annihilation through the Near East Relief efforts during the Armenian Genocide, our Community Development Coordinator Simon Maghakyan activated and worked with the local Armenian and Greek communities in South Dakota, who in return swiftly contacted their elected officials and brought truth and justice to the floor of the South Dakota State Assembly.
We spoke.  They listened.
As we continue our critical work in South Dakota and in the region,  the secure on-line donations sent by you and thousands like you are vital to our progress. 
So, right now, please send $10, 25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or whatever you can afford.
With your financial support, we can continue to build on today’s historic victory.  Stay tuned!
With Gratitude and In Common Cause,
Elen Asatryan
Executive Director

PS – If you would like to make a donation by check instead, please make it out to ANCA Western Region and mail to 104 N. Belmont St., Suite 200, Glendale, CA 91206.

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