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Bringing the Elixir of Life to Karvachar

Karvachar, a town that had no running water is where Armenia Fund built a brand new distribution network that now provides the town with safe drinking water 24 hours a day.  

It’s early Saturday morning. You walk over to the sink and start brushing your teeth. The cool water you splash on your face gives you a little jolt and opens your eyes. You’re awake.
Showers are always better on the weekend. No rush, just a relaxing time before continuing a day of leisure. You walk to the kitchen, thinking about what hot drink you want to start your day with. Then you see you see a steaming mug of coffee and a pot of hot tea – somebody at home has made both. Coffee first.
The cup of joe in your hand, you venture outside and turn on the hose. The trees, grass, and flowers need watering. You want to make sure your grass is green for this summer’s barbeques and you want your trees to bear more apricot and pomegranate than last year.
Everything you’ve done so far has required water. And it’s not even noon yet. (Click here for the full article and more) http://blog.armeniafund.org/?p=814

Alvard Tatevosyan (above) Watering a Home Vegetable Garden in Karvachar.

Construction workers (above) are installing the Underground Water Network.


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