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Stop anti-Armenian Attacks in Syria Aleppo in Crisis: Call on President Obama to

Attacks on the Armenian-populated quarters of Aleppo, Syria, have escalated in recent days, leading local authorities to designate the area a disaster zone. Take two minutes to contact President Obama and urge him to take immediate action to:
1) Stop the rebel bombing of innocent Christians and all civilians in Aleppo
2) Press Turkey to allow the free flow of Euphrates waters to Syria
3) Answer the ANCA’s concerns regarding Turkey’s role in the forced depopulation of the historically Armenian populated city of Kessab.

For more information regarding the Aleppo crisis, read the latest Asbarez news coverage (available in English and Armenian) and news directly from Aleppo (available in Armenian).
For more information regarding the impending Aleppo water crisis, read Daniel Pipes “Syria’s Looming Water Calamity.”
Donations to assist the Syrian Armenian Community may be made to the Syrian Armenian Relief Fund (SARF)
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