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Exclusıve: Aram Mp3 Speaks to Oikotimes

Posted by Stefan Resimic (Serbia)
Yerevan, Armenia – One of the happiest surprises this year for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 came from Armenia. An interesting and artistic representative will go to Copenhagen to fight hard and perhaps bring the trophy to Yerevan. The team of oikotimes.com has the honour to have the first web interview of Aram MP3.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=x7HDPn9Ig98

When were you approached by Armenian national broadcaster? Did you accept the offer immediately?
It was a real surprise for me, New Year surprise. I got this offer from AMPTV in December and of course accepted it. Though it’s a huge responsibility I’m ready to go for it and try to bring the show to our wonderful country.
Do you know how your song will look like? Will it be entirely in English or there will be a part in some other language?
Now many songs are being composed by different local and European composers, also by me. Togather with AMPTV creative team we‘ll choose the best one for me. Dont know yet it will be totally English or Armenian song , mix of Armenian and English, but I’m sure it won’t be in Korean.
Are you planing to visit some other national finals after your present your song? Do you plan to go to Eurovision concert in Amsterdam?
Hope so, it’s the biggest party-concert before Eurovision, so we’ll try to get therw. Of course as soon as song is ready to public we’ll try to spread it through Europe.
Since the two semifinals format was introduced, this year the number of countries that will participate is the lowest. How do you feel about it?
It doesn’t change anything; we still have to compete and try to be in top 10 in semi-finals. And still there will be 25/6 countries in final. Difficult competition as always.
Do you thing that Armenia and Azerbaijan will give some points to each other this year?
Don’t think so, but hope one day there will be total peace in the world and kindness will rule the world.
Things in green-room can get really tense. Since you finished med school, do you think you will be helpful in case of emergency?
Ha! of course, I’ll be the first aid of Green Room I wonder who will be my fist aid… Hope she will be beautiful
I guess that ESC is your primary focus now, but do you have any ideas or plans what are you going to do after it?
Well, making international career depends on the success in ESC 2014. Anyway I’ll continue my musical career, because its my nature, it’s the world I live in.
What do you expect to gain or lose of your participation at Eurovision? Also what is the result you are expecting to achieve there?
I’ll gain new fans, new friends, much attention, opportunities… Maybe I’ll lose my consciousness in the green room when I win, but hope my first beautiful aid will be near.
If you don’t qualify for the final, do you how would you feel? Do you think in that case your fans will be disappointed?
If you have real fans, they won’t be disappointed anyway, but they will be on heavens If I pass (smiles). So I’ll do my best. Europe don’t disappoint my fan’s, please!
When he appears on stage one doesn’t know what to expect – a unique live concert or a good comedy show. This multi-talented artist is one of the most hardworking and positive personalities of Armenian Music Industry and Television. Aram Mp3 / Aram Sargsyan/ born in Yerevan, on April 5, 1984, is an Armenian singer-songwriter, comedian and showman.
Being simply in love with a stage he was much involved in school activities, choir singing and theatrical performances since early childhood. Though always dreaming about big stage, Aram chose a profession of pharmacist, graduating the State Medical University Of RA. Active student life in different comedy contests brought him to “32 teeth” TV Show , where he did stand ups and parodies of famous singers. During one of the shows his colleague did a joke calling him Mp3, after that everyone started to call him Aram Mp3. That’s how he got his nickname. The same year on 2007 he became the winner of the most popular TV Show of The First Channel of Armenia “2 stars”.
Developing his singing talent Aram MP3 began to perform live in jazz and blues clubs of Yerevan, record songs and shoot music videos. Famous TV shows such as “X- Factor”, “Armenian Idol”, “My name is”, “Power of 10” were hosted by him and brought him more fame.
Now he is a member of the most popular “Vitamin Club” project, a comedy show broadcast weekly on Shant TV. Every month he gives live concerts with bands in popular music halls of Yerevan singing unique covers of famous hits and his own singles.


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