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Cevat Sinet will return to Turkey only after recognition of Armenian Genocide

Yerevan, October 22, ArmenpreSS. Turkey keeps persecuting and threatening all those individuals, who are not ethnic Turks. In this respect the Armenians are very vulnerable. The Armenian Genocide of 1915 continues today. Turkish-Armenian journalist Cevat Sinet applied for a political shelter to the Belgian authorities. Cevat Sinet was subjected to numerous pressures and threats in Turkey. The cause for the pressures upon the Turkish-Armenian journalist is the discoveries connected with the death of the Armenian soldier Sevag Balikci, who was murdered on April 24, 2011 in the Turkish Army. “Armenpress” News Agency introduces interview with Cevat Sinet regarding the discrimination against the Armenians in Turkey, the Armenian Genocide recognition, and a row of other issues as well.

– You have applied to the Belgian authorities for a political shelter because of the continuous political repressions brought about in Turkey. What was the reason of those threats?
– I am currently in Belgium. There are so many legal proceedings instituted against me, that I cannot remember their exact number. It’s a crime to be an Armenian in Turkey. We are always subjected to the threats of Government and the state. Particularly, that of the Islamic extremists.
– Can there be any changes in Turkey’s denialism policy, advancing the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide?
– There will be no changes in that policy. It remains an unrealizable desire to expect justice from the grandsons of those criminals, who initiated the Armenian Genocide. Huge efforts are made even in the case of the murder of a single Armenian. How can they recognize the Genocide in this situation? Where are those people, who assassinated Hrant and Sevag?… Hundreds of legal proceedings have been instituted against me. Turkey will never change of its own free will, unless it is compelled to.
– When do You plan to return to Turkey?
– I will return to Turkey only after the arrest of the real criminals and the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. I will never return, if this does not happen. If somebody kills me, the assassin will again remain unpunished. Why should I return?.. (THE FULL VERSION OF THE INTERVIEW IS AVAILABLE IN ARMENIAN).
Interview by Araks Kasyan

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