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Academic Conference Dedicated to The 1650th Anniversary of Mesrob Mashtots

Glendele- A new world order is in the making and history dictates that those nations, who do not rise to the challenge, will be sidelined from the world stage. The spread of Christianity in the 4th century led to the establishment of a new world order. The Armenian nation rose to the challenge, thanks to Gregory the Illuminator and specially Mesrob Mashtots. The invention of the Armenian alphabet reshaped
our national identity and contributed to the creation of our Golden Age.

The invention of printing and the Renaissance in the 15th century and onward reshaped the world once again. The Armenian nation was able to keep pace, thanks to Mekhitar of Sebastia. His movement became the catalyst for the reawakening
and rediscovering of the Armenian Identity.
For the past several decades, the internet has been revolutionizing our lives and changing the world. Globalization is threatening the sovereignty of small nations. Can the Armenian nation rise to the challenge once again? What role will our past
play in shaping our future?
To explore the above mentioned issues, an academic conference will be held at the Fletcher Jones Auditorium of Woodbury University, 7500 N. Glenoaks Blvd. Burbank, CA 91504 on Saturday,
October 26, 2013 from 9 am to 5 pm.
The conference is jointly organized by the Armenian General Benevolent Union, Ararat Eskijian Museum, Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society, Nor Serount Cultural Association and the Organization of Istanbul Armenians.
The organizing committee is honored that the following distinguished academics have accepted its invitation and agreed to take part in the conference.
The program will consist of the following presentations: Prof. Father Levon Zekyian – The Symbolism of Mesrob Mashtots: A Retrospect into the Past Sixteen Centuries
Prof. Abraham Terian – The Sturcture and Purpose of Koriwn’s “Life of Mashtots”
Dr. Srbuhi Hayrapetian – The Conceptualization and Rooting of National Identity
Rev. Dr. Abel Manoukian – The Plan to Create a Spiritual Statehood and Preserve National Identity in the 5th Century and Today Dr. Yervant Zorian – The Mission of the Armenian Virtual College and its Contribution to Preserving Armenian
Prof. Hagop Gulludjian – Place, Role, and Prospects of Language Facing Globalization
Prof. Robert Hewsen – Mesrob Mashtots and Mekhitar of Sebastia: the Second and Third Illuminators of the Armenian People
We are glad to inform that the conference will be live streamed in its entirety. You can follow the program by visiting NorSerount.com.
Admission is free, but seating is limited. Seats could be reserved by contacting 818.357.1606 or maggiegoschin@gmail,com or Nor Serount on Facebook.
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