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The Zoryan Institute

Hello Compatriot, We are contacting you today with the belief that you share our joint passion for raising public awareness in relation to issues of Universal Human Rights violations, and Genocide. You may have heard about the Zoryan Institute and its activities, but I’d like to take this opportunity to update you. Since 1982 the Institute has worked to unearth, analyze, and interpret historical facts in regards to gross violations of human rights and genocide, particularly the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

History and particularly genocide denial can be an obstacle to peace between neighbours and regional security. True peace for neighbouring nations, such as Turkey and Armenia, may be had only when they can talk openly about their common past and the unresolved issues that exist between them today. Towards that end, Zoryan has been able to bring out a shared history of these two peoples, particularly related to the 1915 era. We believe that with this foundation, Turks and Armenians can then begin to understand each other’s point of view, which can lead to dialogue and eventually reconciliation, instead of suspicion and anger. 
Another area in which Zoryan has been working strategically is in the field of education, by establishing an annual Genocide and Human Rights University Program at the University of Toronto. Over the past twelve years some 350 students from 21 countries have attended. Amongst them 15 Armenian and 15 Turkish students, most of whom have gone on to earn their PhD’s, teach and write books and articles that add to the Institute’s effort in creating the shared common body of history, so crucial to mutual understanding between Turks and Armenians.
Over the last 31 years, Zoryan, as an independent voice, has researched and published over forty books in nine languages, two international academic journals, conducted 135 Open University seminars, over twenty major conferences, collected priceless archival documentation, plus some 3,000 hours of oral history testimonies on video of Genocide survivors.
I hope with this brief introduction to Zoryan, you will consider becoming a supporter of the Institute. That support could come in many ways and amounts, but consider becoming a “Friend of Zoryan” and pledging an annual gift of three hundred dollars, helping to ensure our independence, and maintain the academic integrity of the scholars and researchers who do our work. Your commitment allows the Institute and our associated scholars to dedicate ourselves to unearthing and defending the truth and combating denial, with the objective of helping to prevent future genocide against other people.
Defending truth, justice, and human rights is everybody’s business. We ask you to join us, as we must all do our part.
Deborah Hay
Outreach Coordinator
            Your help is urgently needed. Please give generously today.
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Above: Zoryan’s President receives an award from President Serzh Sargsyan
Zoryan’s core concept is to serve the cause of scholarship and public awareness relating to universal human rights, genocide, and diaspora-homeland relations.
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