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Help Armenians in Syria

As everyone is aware, Syria and the Armenian Community in Syria are in a severe crisis. The civil war being waged in the cities of Syria, including where Armenians are heavily populated, have resulted in killing of innocent people, have damaged and destroyed homes, businesses, community property and buildings, schools, etc. There is no safety and most critically, there is shortage of food and medicine.

The Canadian Armenian Community of Canada lead by its church establishments and various organizations have come together in order to help their sisters and brothers in Syria by raising funds with the sole purpose of helping them. Accordingly, this is an urgent message for all Armenians and friends of Armenians to help their fellow men, women and children in need.
The United Committee organized in Toronto (composed of over 20 organizations), has already started raising funds and taken steps with the collaboration of CAMAM (a Montreal based Armenian benevolent foundation – Centre d’Assistance Mondiale Arménien de Montréal) in order to safely and transparently transfer funds reaching all Armenians in Syria. Sending anything other than money is almost impossible in these conditions.
Let us therefore, come together at this time of need and unite our resources, in order to maximize our aid to our people in need. We urge you to participate and donate by reaching you’re your hand to those struggling at this very moment.
Against your cash donations or cheques issued in favour of CAMAM, temporary receipts will be given to you by those receiving your donations, which will be followed by an official tax deductible receipt from CAMAM.
A.C.C. Announcements [announcement@armenian.ca]

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