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Exterminators Yok Ediciler Ve Erdemli Müslümanlar

Sait Çetinoğlu’nun Patrik Zaven’in Ermeni Soykırımı Örgütleyicilerinin Listesi kitabı Peri Yayınlarından çıktı.  

Patriarch Zaven’s List of Armenian Genocide Organizers
Exterminators and Virtuous Muslims
A hundred years ago, the humanity had experienced a disaster of epic proportion, namely, Armenian genoside. Everybody told over, discussed whether or! Some said “Armenians deserved to die, be killed because they were not islamized!”; “Armenians disappeared while they were killing Muslims!” said others. While some were arguing “Turks, Kurds, Circassians and so on are innocent; we were not involved in,” others argued “the main killers are Kurds! Turks saved the rest.” Some alleged “the Turkish Republic is no concern with the Ottoman deportation. Calling the Republic to account means being busy with trifles!” Some said “it is not genocide; Armenians were defeated and pushed off at the end of the mutual clash!” Others said “ while they were disturbing Muslims, the God damned them, and they disappeared!” …
There were many sheenies who kept saying ‘I would finish you off like Armenian!’ or ‘Son of a bitch Armenian!’ whenever they got angry.
Many oldsters were there, who took that genocide as starting point saying “that year when the Armenian massacre has occurred!”
But these discussions made way during the last twenty years. The documents and the historical consciousness prevailed. Despite the fact the official ideology did not face oneself, the people who are getting a share from the history of humanity can not say “this event didn’t happen” any more.
Now we must lay bare the identities of the killers responsible for massacres and present their  acts and biographies to the rising generation.
In this book, Sait Çetinoğlu is getting a for effort to initiate another discussion on the basis of Patriarch Zaven Der Yeghiayan’s (1868-1947) ‘List of the organizers of the Armenian Genocide: Exterminators and Virtuous Muslims.’ You can find the names and biographies of those who have killed or come to help Armenians. It is high time to tear darknesses up because “This world suffices all of us!’ as Sarkis Çerkezyan said.

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