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Yerevan, August 16. ArmInfo. The head of the Armenian department of the Union of Historians of Turkey, professor Hikmet Ozdemir has published a book about the circumstances of the murder of one of the Young Turk leaders Cemal Pasa.

Haberturk internet daily reports Ozdemir to conclude that “Cemal Pasa could be killed by Russian Bolsheviks, Englishmen or Armenians.” He particularly says: “Cemal Pasa was killed by Armenians. The murder of Cemal Pasa was just one link in the chain of murders following the murder of Talat Pasa, who was also killed by Armenians.” “This fact is proved by the note sent by the Turkish government to Armenia.” Ozdemir says about Cemal Pasa: “We must know better our heros and tell our youths about them. This is extremely important in the light of the growing conspiracy against us.”

Ozdemir seems to try to make us forget that after the overthrow of the Young Turk Government a number of the Unity and Progress party, including Cemal Pasa, were prosecuted for “implicating Turkey in war and annihilating the Armenian people.” However, Cemal Pasa fled to Germany and then to Switzerland. In 1920-1922 he worked as military advisor in Afghanistan. When Ataturk granted amnesty to the organizers of the Armenian Genocide, Cemal Pasa decided to return to Turkey, but was killed on the way in Tbilisi in 1922.

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