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YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 2, ARMENPRESS: The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau released a statement Wednesday saying that the Azeri army’s barbaric destruction of ancient cross stones (khatchkars) in Nakhichevan had nothing to do with religion, but was aimed at eliminating evidence of Armenian presence in Nakhichevan. The historic Julfa cemetery, located in southern Nakhichevan, has by now been completely destroyed by the Azeri army.

In the statement, the ARF declared that, “The act was in itself an anti-Armenian step like those which Azerbaijan carried out during the 88 years of its existence against the Armenians of Armenia and Artsakh and the Armenian monuments in general.” In order to protest against Azerbaijan’s criminal policy of cultural destruction and elimination, and to demand action from the whole world, the ARF Bureau has declared February 28, the anniversary of the massacres of Sumgait Armenians by Azeris, “Day of Protest against the Criminal Policy of Azerbaijan.”

On February 28, in various cities throughout the world, protests, demonstrations, and other events will be organized in front of Azeri diplomatic organizations and corresponding international organizations. Armenians and non-Armenians alike are urged to participate in calling the world’s attention to Azerbaijan’s nearly century-long policy of destroying Armenian culture and heritage.

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