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Armenian-Turkish Relations: Armenia Still Cherishes Hopes

“Today Armenia has a good opportunity to press upon Turkey, which depends on Europe and the United States, but we do not take the advantage of it,” Director of Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau’s Hay Dat and Political Affairs Office Kiro Manoian. When addressing a conference dedicated to the Armenian-Turkish relations he noted that they do not exist as such, “there are lame attempts to normalize them.” The experience shows that the Armenia’s approach – talks and compromise – is not efficient at all. Turkey long ago rejected the possibility of establishing diplomatic relations with our country but we still cherish hopes”, Kiro Manoian considers. He also added that today “neither the Armenian nor the Turkish society is ready for the resolution of the longstanding conflict.”

“It is clear that Turkey wishes to join the EU not because of Armenia. The Turkish government takes care of its Islamic nation. As it is know the daughters of the Turkish PM study in the U.S. while his wife cannot appear in the society without veil. The EU membership will let Turkey become more democratic but not go far from its Islamic traditions,” he noted. “Let us remember Cyprus. Turkey has signed an agreement on recognizing Cyprus to start negotiation with the EU. Immediately after the start of the talks Turkey stated that the document does not mean it changed attitude towards the country,” the expert says. “Armenia can be cheated the same way. We have no guarantees that after joining the EU and becoming a democratic state Turkey will not levy war on us. However I am convinced that Turkey will not become a member of today’s European Union,” ARFD member said.

Expert of the Armenian Defense Ministry Hayk Demoian also expressed opinion on the matter. He said that in such conflict situations three variants are applied. “First – force, second- threats and the third – war. Turkey presently uses the golden middle: it threatens and imposes blockade. It is not ruled out it will declare war in the end,” Demoian said. He also noted that the Russian military base is a stable guarantor of the security of our state. Both experts voiced assurance that in case of war the Russian military will be involved in the conflict, reported IA Regnum.

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