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On January 19 the report «European Neighbor Policy» prepared by EP member Charles Tannock from Britain was adopted in the European Parliament plenary session.

As a result of the official and non-official discussions of several weeks prior to the session more than 50 amendments had been represented. Before the ratification of the resolution long discussions took place in the session.

President of the EU-Armenia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee Mary-Ann Izler Begin represented several amendments including one condemning the elimination of the Armenian monuments in Juga with which she called on the Azeri authorities to put an end to the destruction of the Armenian medieval historical monuments.

By another amendment of Izler-Begin the European Parliament urged Russia and Turkey to play a constructive role contributing to the peaceful settlement of the conflict and re-establishment of the regional cooperation, and thus calling on Turkey to open the borders with Armenia.

Paying attention to the arguments brought by the Armenian side, that any announcement at this point can affect the negotiations about the peaceful settlement of the conflict, quite a balanced resolution was adopted. According to it, as the Karabakh conflict hinders the development and regional cooperation of both Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as the realization of European Neighbors Policy, EU calls on the parties to avoid one-sided actions and military announcements, try to lead a constructive dialogue with all the sides concerned and thus work for the peaceful settlement of the conflict respecting the rights of the ethnic minorities and the principles of international law.

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