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Armenian Students Stage Protest Demonstration In Germany

16.01.2006 12:14

YEREVAN (YERKIR) - About 60-70 Armenian students of German universities
and high schools, joined with representatives of German-Armenian
organizations and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, staged
a demonstration on January 4, 2006 in Cologne, Germany to protest
against the destruction of the Armenian medieval cemetery in Jufla
of the Nakhichevan region by the Azeri troops.

The organizers handed out flyers depicting the Armenian cross-stones of
the cemetery before and after the destruction, as well as the history
of the Nakhijevan region. The protesters also repeatedly read out a
letter to the UNESCO.

At the end of the demonstration, its participants lit candles around a
big picture of a khachkar and participated in a mass served by local
Armenian priests.

Following the demonstration, they discussed the matter at the
St. Sahak-Mesrop Armenian Church in Cologne.

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