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Armenia to buy 50,000 doses of vaccine against bird flu

Over $110,000 will be allocated from the Armenian budget for preventive measures from infecting and disseminating bird flu in the republic, Head of the Armenian State Veterinary Inspection Grisha Bagyan said. According to him, at all the country’s check-points on the border all the arriving transport vehicles are subjected to disinfection. Besides, about $50,000 were allocated for buying the vaccine. The measures were undertaken a month ago, immediately after the first cases of death of wild birds in the valley of the Arax River. 50,000 does of vaccine were bought. More 551,000 doses of the vaccine are supposed to be bought in Russia with the next few days. Bagyan assured there are no grounds for panic, as there have been no cases of bird flu registered in the Armenian territory, and the government has taken all the preventive measures.

At the same time, as Bagyan said, it is not in the interests of the government to conceal information about bird flu. “No one would dare to do it, as it goes about serious threat to people’s health,” he said.

According to him, the inspection receives many reports on death of poultry every day, however in most cases they are false.

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