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Gas Poisoning Kills 7 In Armenia

Press Association, UK
Virgin.net, UK
Evening Echo, Ireland
Irish Examiner, Ireland
Jan 4 2006

Gas leaks and faulty heating stoves fatally poisoned at least seven
people and injured another nine over the New Year holiday in Armenia,
an emergency official said.

Six of the dead came from one family.

They were apparently overcome by carbon monoxide on December 31 in
Gyumri, Armenia's second-largest city, said Nikolai Grigorian, an
emergency service spokesman.

The incidents involving the nine injured were scattered around the
country, he said.

Many people in the ex-Soviet republic use makeshift stoves and
home-made gas heaters.

They sometimes tap illegally into gas lines, because their homes lack
heaters, which are expensive.

Last year, 18 people died of carbon monoxide poisoning nationwide and
104 people were seriously injured, according to emergency officials.

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