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Turkish Cabinet discusses whether to proceed trial of novelist Orhan Pamuk

AP Worldstream; Jan 02, 2006

Turkey's Cabinet on Monday was discussing whether to drop charges
against novelist Orhan Pamuk _ a case the European Union has criticized
as a threat to freedom of _expression.

Pamuk was charged under a law that makes insulting Turkey a crime
after a Swiss newspaper in February quoted him as saying: "30,000
Kurds and 1 million Armenians were killed in these lands, and nobody
but me dares to talk about it."

The Justice Ministry _ which has the final say in whether to proceed
with a trial _ said it would invite discussion of the case during
the weekly Cabinet meeting.

European officials have demanded Turkey drop the case against Pamuk
and do more to protect freedom of _expression.

Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul acknowledged the case had tarnished
the country's image abroad, and said that laws limiting freedom of
_expression may be changed.

The trial was halted by a judge on Dec. 16, the day it began.

Pamuk's remarks referred to two of the most painful episodes in
recent Turkish history: the massacre of Armenians during World War I,
which Turkey insists was not a planned genocide, and recent guerrilla
fighting in Turkey's overwhelmingly Kurdish southeast.

Many Turkish nationalists found Pamuk's remarks especially upsetting
because they were made to a foreign newspaper.

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