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Today the trial of the Azeri officer Ramil Safarov who murdered the Armenian officer Gurgen Safaryan was heard again in the Budapest court.

During the previous hearing the judge had ordered to carry out a new forensic examination, and today its results were represented. The third examination was to compare the first two ones and to find out why their results were different.

“This time the results of the third examination were represented and the judge mentioned that the third examination raised new contradictions between the first two ones”, the representative of the Armenian side, advocate Nazeli Vardanyan said in an interview to the Radio station “Azatutyun”.

“The third expert was not able to answer the questions the judge asked – why he came to that conclusion, why he wrote it that way. In any case he was not able to give a proper answer to the court”, Nazeli Vardanyan says and concludes that it was an “ordered examination”.

During the trial the judge stated that the new examination did not answer any questions but raised new ones and decided to announce the third examination invalid. The court fixed a new forensic examination of the health of Ramil Safarov. All the documents will be examined its aim will be to find out the reason of

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