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October 16 during the elections in Vanadzor Adela Poghosyan born in 1936 died in the electoral area N 30/27.

She had come with her family to participate in the elections of Mayor in Vanadzor. The workers of the Committee did not find her name in the electoral roll and sent her to the court to re-establish her suffrage. She was informed in the court that her name is included in the electoral rolls and she was sent back to the electoral area where the workers of the Committee failed once again to find her name.

On the whole Adela Poghosyan went to the court and back three times. The last time when her name was not found in the list she became too nervous and died right in the electoral area.

By the way, only after her death did the workers of the Committee find her name in the roll. After the incident the elections were stopped for some time in the area.

The head of the Local Electoral Committee informed our correspondent that they are not responsible for the errors in the electoral rolls. He also hinted that if the woman had a weak heart, she did not have to come to the area. It is noteworthy that Mrs. Adela’s husband claimed that her wife did not have health problems.

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