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The Economist: Armenia Armenians Support Turkey’s EU Membership

LONDON and ANKARA (JTW) – British weekly the Economist reported that the Armenians in Armenia support Turkey’s European Union (EU) membership while the overseas Armenians strongly oppose such a development.

Arsen Ghazaryan, who co-chairs association of Turkish and Armenian businessmen, told the weekly that Armenian economy is frustrated because of the economic isolation. A Young Armenian woman told the Economist “It’s easy to be principled in the diaspora. They don’t have to live between Turkey and Azerbaijan”.

Dr. Nilgun Gulcan who defends that there are enormous differences between Armenia Armenians and the Diaspora Armenians is not optimistic: “The Economist reports just a little part of the true story. Turkey’s membership will change a lot the region and the Armenians will enjoy. However Armenian Government has not realized this simple fact. Yerevan still tries to undermine Turkish interests in the European Union. They did anything possible to prevent Turkey’s EU membership” she added.

According to Dr. Nilgun Gulcan the Armenian Government is under the control of the Diaspora extremists:

“The Diaspora ultra-nationalists shifted the political tendencies in Armenia. They made a secret coup against the Ter Petrosyan Administration, because Petrosyan knew that Armenia could not survive without regional co-operation. The first President understood that relying the foreign countries and the Diaspora harmed Armenia and Armenians. The Tashnaks and the other extremists made co-operation with the Russian deep state and they changed the president. Now the ultra-hawk Kocharian is president and he is also a Diaspora Armenian. He commanded the occupying Karabakh Armenian forces. The extremists know that any solution would end their economic and political interests. If there is no Turkish-Armenian problem, how they can collect donation from the Armenians in California? If there is no Armenian issue, how the Armenian politicians in France can get vote from the Armenian voters? Many Armenians owe their famous and economic wealth to the Armenian Problem. I mean they abuse the past for their own personal and group interests. As a matter of fact that they do not respect their ancestors’ tragedy.”

Armenians argue that the 1915 Relocation campaign was genocide, though the Ottoman Empire never accepted the allegation. The Ottoman State had declared that there was a riot and most of the Armenians died due to the bad weather conditions, famine and war circumstances. Turkey similarly has not accepted the Armenians claims. More than 520.000 Turkish people were massacred by the Armenian armed groups during the First World War, and Turkish historians urge the Armenians to recognize all these killings as massacre.

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