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Presentation of Persian Poet Nurizade´s 3 books in Yerevan

the only foreign poet writing in Armenian who in his fatherland,
Iran, holds propaganda of the Armenian culture and literature," Levon
Ananian, the Chairman of the Writers' Union of Armenia mentioned at
the October 6 presentation of three books, "100 Years Armenian
Poetry," "Hail, Armenians" and "Night of Solitude and Dreams" by
Ahmad Nurizade, a Persian poet and translator. Nurizade's poems
written in Armenian language are presented in the last two books.

L.Ananian mentioned that Nurizade's translations from Armenian into
Persian made dozens of volumes. According to him, pages of Iranian
press are also full of interviews with Nurizade, and the Armenian
culture, Armenian people and friendship of centuries between the two
countries is in the pivot of all publications.

"Armenians and Persians have almost the same traditions and attach
importance to keeping national traditions. Nurizade attempts to serve
Armenian national values to his people and by this he destroys those
borders that there are between the two countries," L.Ananian
mentioned. He also informed that the third volume of the Persian
poet's poems written in Armenian will be published soon.

According to Reza Atufi, the Consulor on Culture of the IRI Embassy
to the RA, Armenian and Iranian cutures have come from old centuries,
and even somehow influnced on other civilizations of the world.
R.Atufi finds that though friendship between the two countries has a
history of milleniums, however, circles of Armenian-Iranian
cooperation must be widened even more.

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