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CSTO force grouping maneuvers start in Armenia

MOSCOW. September 12. KAZINFORM /Arnur Rakhymbekov/ – CSTO Secretary General Nikolay Bordyuzha will estimate the interaction of the Russian and Armenian troop commands, being a part of Caucasus regional force grouping of CSTO, during maneuvers in Armenia.

Collective Security Treaty Organization Secretary General Nikolay Bordyuzha came to the Republic of Armenia on September 12. “I came to Armenia on the invitation of its Defense Minister to participate in maneuvers of the Russian and Armenian troop commands of Caucasus regional force grouping of CSTO. It was founded in the framework of CSTO and holds joint maneuvers annually as well as Russian-Byelorussian force grouping in the West and Collective Forces of fast expansion in Central Asian region. They practice the operations of units and detachments of bilateral force grouping on protection and defense of CSTO member-countries, Nikolay Bordyuzha stated before flying to Yerevan.

Two motorized rifle regiments and support units, representing each side, will participate in maneuvers, he itemized.

According to CSTO Secretary General, he is to estimate the operations of units and detachments during maneuvers as well as to acquaint with its dispositions. He called the Republic of Armenia one of the most active members of the Organization.

Armenia always puts forward interesting initiatives on further integration in the sphere of collective security provision. It regards the documents, worked out by CSTO, very attentively at all levels from Armenia Plenipotentiary Representative under CSTO to state authorities. The level of the work of Armenia executive bodies is very high, N. Bordyuzha noted.

The maneuvers take place on September 10-13 in accordance with bilateral agreements between Russian and Armenian sides. Overland and air force units of Armenia and 102nd Russian military base will take part in it.

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