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Today the RA authorities sold the sport-concert complex after Karen Demirchyan for 5 million 700 thousand USD. The contract was signed today between the RA Government and the Russian organization BAMO.

After the signing the organization rendered a 40-minute press conference. The head of the BAMO holding Mourad Mouradyan started the meeting with the journalists with these words, “We are residents of Martouni, and we were born and educated in Armenia…”. In one word, the new owners of the Complex tried to soothe the negative attitude towards them created in the Republic and introduced themselves as patriots.

According to the BAMO head, the RA President has put forward two conditions: the name of the Complex must not be changed, and it must preserve its functional meaning. The organization has agreed. According to the contract the area of 19.5 hectares including the fountains and the stairs has also been sold. The organization has taken up the commitment to make an investment of 9-10 million USA in 3 years.

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