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YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 2, ARMENPRESS: US embassy in Yerevan has confirmed today presence of at least one Armenian citizen in the hurricane stricken New Orleans. It said a physician, Ruben Jamalain, 35, was in New Orleans Superdome in the aftermath of Katrina hurricane and was seen providing medical assistance to thousands of stranded people who were not able to leave the town.

The embassy said specialists from US Department of State Crisis Management Center were trying to get in contact with Jamalian to evacuate him either to Houston or Atlanta. Also Armenian foreign ministry has said it is in a constant contact with US embassy here, with Crisis Management Center and other US emergency agencies in order to get information about Jamalian and other Armenian citizens who may be stranded in New Orleans.

Armenian foreign ministry said the Crisis Management Center convened foreign ambassadors to USA on August 31 and provided them with e-mail addresses and phone numbers they can use in order to get information about their citizens who are likely to be in New Orleans. Meantime U.S. troops made their way to New Orleans on Friday with shoot-to-kill orders to scare off looting gangs so rescuers can help thousands of people stranded by Hurricane Katrina, find the dead and clean up the carnage. Around 14,000 Guard troops were on the ground and 30,000 more are expected in the coming days.

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