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The RA Notary system tries to correspond to the European standards. The system has been examined by experts from France, Switzerland and Rome. In today’s press conference in the RA Justice Ministry Jean-Paul Decor, a notary from Marseille said that the RA Law on «Notary’s office» adopted in 2002 is «a law of high quality».

He has also met the workers of the 3 offices in Yerevan and came to the conclusion that «our notaries are conscientious». And has he seen the work of the notaries with the citizens? «No», he said. Then he added, «One of our workers visited a notary’s office and saw the queue there».

One of the journalists informed Mr. Decor that very often in order to solve a problem the RA citizen bribes the notary. «That problem exists in many countries», «consoled» the French notary. He also said that according to the RA Justice Minister David Haroutyunyan, «notaries are well accepted in Armenia».

In the same press conference David Haroutyunyan informed that Armenia is trying to become member of the Latin Notary International Union.

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