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Armenian church set on fire in Budennovsk Russian town

The monument to Armenians, the founders of the town was desecrated for the second time during the recent six months, Yerkramas, the newspaper of Armenians of South of Russia reports.
According to Editor-in-chief Tigran Tavadian, the opening ceremony of the memorial to the Fathers – Founders of the town of Saint Cross took place October 17, 2004. The memorial is constituted of an 8-meter high arch, a Khachrar (cross stone) and a composition of stones. The bell mounted under the arch has gathered the flock of the Armenian Church for many years. For the first time the vandals desecrated the monument in February 2005. The other day another act of vandalism was committed. Lanterns were broken, the Khachkar was damaged with fragments of concrete and dead body of a cat was thrown under the arch. According to the source, the action bore a ritual character. However on July 16 a recurrent incident took place. The abuilding Armenian Church was set to fire. The fence was burnt and the flame reached the Church itself. The witnesses do not doubt it was arson. It is not ruled out that the vandals purposed the objective to stir up tension in the town. “The inactivity of the law enforcers, who are more interested in persecuting peaceful workers without registration than in catching criminals, arouses indignation”, Tigran Tavadian stated. To remind, the town of Surb Khach (Saint Cross, presently Budennovsk) was founded by Armenian migrants from Karabakh in 1799.

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