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YEREVAN, JULY 13. ARMINFO. Armenian paleontologists scientifically proved that the territory of present-day Armenia was the floor of Thetis (foresea of seas) warm latitudinal ocean 400 mln year ago.

Scientist-paleontologist, director of the Geological Museum of the Geological Sciences’ Institute of Armenia’s National Academy of Sciences Ara Grigoryan informed ARMINFO that scientists have only suspected up to now that the ocean floor north from Iran towards Caucasus became deeper going into the open oceanic conditions in that prehistoric time. Within a few years, Grigoryan have studied bacterium found in limestones. They are discovered when disintegrating breeds of limestone in organic acid. Study of these bacteria, more precisely, conodonta (microscopic remains of tooth-jaw system of ancient sea-fish) helps to reconstruct the conditions of the ancient sea basin, its coastline, location of continents, ecological and biotopical catastrophes and other geological changes.

It is noted in encyclopedias that Thetis called in the name of the ancient Greek goddess of sea Thetis is the ancient oceanic basin, dividing in Age of Reptiles the European and Siberian continents from African and Hindustan, and joining Atlantic ocean with the Pacific. Later on, term Thetis extended also to the Paleozoic ocean of the same region – Paleothetis. Present-day Mediterranean, Black and Caspian Seas are the relics of the latter.

“My scientific conclusions are not so sensational, however, they are very important for restoring paleographical regime of ancient ocean basins”, Grigoryan noted. Its scientific work is only a next step of investigations opening a new page in the geological history of the earth.

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