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Armenian Lobby Attempts Border Re-Opening

By Anadolu News Agency (aa)

Published: Tuesday July 05, 2005


The Armenian lobby submitted a new bill targeting Turkey to the US House of Representatives.

The draft developed by Adam Schiff asks Washington to pressure Turkey to re-open the Turkey-Armenian border gate. Democrat Party member, Schiff, one of the leaders of the Armenian lobby, claims in the document that keeping the border gate closed violates international standards and increases cost of transporting goods to Armenia by 30-35 percent. The new bill, which has been submitted to the International Relations committee at the House of Representatives, demands the US make an announcement regarding taking certain measures for the re-opening of the border gate by the US Secretary of State within 30 days. “It is time that the US placed pressure on Turkey to elimination the embargo that Turkey imposes on Armenia,” Schiff said. Another leader of the Armenian lobby from the Democrat Party Frank Pallone told in a statement: “President George W. Bush and the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice cannot let Turkey impose an embargo on Armenia without voicing their opposition and concerns.”

Schiff said Republican Committee President Henry Hyde promised to discuss the bill in a sub-committee this month. The Armenian lobby group at the US Congress had submitted another draft concerning the recognition of the so-called Armenian genocide to the House of Representatives on June 14.


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