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Germany’s Turkish Intellectuals Want Turkey to Recognize Armenian Genocide

A group calling for an end to Turkey’s official denial of the
Armenian genocide held a vigil on June 29 in Berlin, directly across
the Turkish Consulate there. Interestingly, the gathering was organized
by a group of Turkish intellectuals, who call themselves “Turks of

Approximately 25 people–Turks and Germans alike–conducted
the 5-hour vigil, calling on Turkey to officially recognize the
genocide of Armenians by the government of Ottoman Turkey, and to issue
an apology to the descendents of the Genocide.

The group displayed a banner that read in Armenian, German, and
Turkish: “I denounce the genocide of 1915, and apologize to the
Armenian people.” They also made available photos depicting the
Armenian genocide, and lit candles.

The following day, Turks and Armenians debated the topic: “Were
Armenians the Victim of Genocide 90 years ago, in the Ottoman Empire.”
According to German Security Services, Turkish nationalist groups in
Germany, including Milli Gorus (National Vision) organized an exhibit
to counter the efforts.

Milli Gorus is an organization of Turkish immigrants in
Europe, composed of members of the former Turkish Welfare Party and the
fascist Gray Wolves. Their aim is to shield Turkish immigrants from
Western cultural and political influences.

Organizers of the debate, which took place in Bremen, were not
concerned with the efforts of the Turkish groups.

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