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Ayþe Özgün: Women are not ornaments of beauty!


I had read historian Justin McCarthy’s views on the so-called Armenian genocide claims, but watching him in person at the Ciragan Palace the other day was altogether a different experience.

In search and in pursuit of the truth, I would not like to be in the way of this truth-seeking researcher who has the ability to read through the bloated up, floated up, jazzed and coated up stories of make-believe and made-to-fit of a certain group of people called the Armenian Diaspora, who have made this fairytale issue so paramount to their lives that as soon as a child is born in their families, they begin to indoctrinate him or her with all these highly exaggerated, untruthful stories, ingraining hate and dislike in their minds and souls towards the Turkish people — so much so that they do not hesitate to go to extreme lengths to do harm to these people just on the basis of what they heard from their parents and grandparents while they were growing up.

McCarthy can easily separate the wheat from the chaff and zero in on the truth of “exactly what happened” between the Ottoman government and their subjects of Armenian origin between 1915 and 1916, which did not happen during the 900 years of previous Ottoman rule when everyone lived side by side in harmony.

McCarthy uses facts, documents, historical notes and records from many sources in addition to logic, geography and philosophy to prove his points beyond a reasonable doubt. After he places the cold hard facts on the table, he then becomes the devil’s advocate and tries to demonstrate to the listener why so many twists and transformations and such disinformation have been carried out by the Armenian Diaspora since 1916, leaving no stone unturned.

Listening to his animated presentation I soon understood the reason behind the professor’s impatience and haste to open up every file to answer all doubts and questions. He was in a worried hurry because he realized that the Diaspora had convinced the Western world of their false claims and together were building an even loftier scenario on this false foundation that would lead nowhere but to a dead end at the EU negotiations wherein they would ask Turkey to “admit your grandfathers killed Armenians in 1915, or else we will not let you join us.”

Having lived in Southern California and experienced assaults, threats and traps of numerous kinds visited upon myself and my children by American Californians of Armenian origin, I would herewith like to present my personal assessment as to why this happens.

I truly believe both the Armenian Diaspora (and Greek governments, for that matter) use the ‘Turkish factor” for political benefit. They portray themselves as a people overridden, crushed, abused and overpowered by Turks and in this way try to win the sympathy of the world at large. Who in the world would know or hear about the Armenian Diaspora if they were not being so loud and active about such a false issue? They purposefully planned, cornered, shot and killed many of Turkey’s valuable foreign service personnel, and I ask myself how can anybody perpetrate such an evil deed on such innocent people. What is the difference between those murderers and the terrorists of today? But we will put those issues at rest since nothing we can say or do can bring them back.

Human psychology usually stands up for the underdog, and that’s why the Western world is buying all these scenarios made up by the Diaspora and are standing by their side while blaming the Turkish people instead of researching all historical data and listening to Professor McCarthy’s (or Professor Bernard Lewis or Professor Stanford Shaw) factual points that prove the Diaspora’s claims to be false.

What an unjust and sad, sad world.

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