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Turkish documents refute allegations of Armenian genocide: official

ANKARA, March 28 (Xinhuanet) — Turkish Prime Ministry State Archives Director General Yusuf Sarinay said on Monday that tens of thousands of documents in state archives refuted the Armenian genocide allegations.

More than 1 million documents were related with Armenians directly and indirectly in Turkish archives from 1870s to 1922,Sarinay said.

“When we read those documents, we see that the Ottoman Empire decided to relocate Armenians to suppress a de facto uprising and put an end to Armenian’s collaboration with Russian army, not to prevent a likely rebellion,” Sarinay said.

He blamed that Armenians have been making propaganda against Turkey for a long time.

April 24 was declared as “day of genocide” by Armenians. Turkey has always denied that the Armenians were subject to genocide between 1915 and 1923. While Armenians claim up to 1.5million Armenians died in the period as a result of systematic genocide.

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