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Armenia Adopts Law On Counter-Terrorism, Excluding Armenian Terrorism

The Armenian National Assembly has adopted the law on Counter Terrorism in the third final reading, reported by RIA Novosti. “This is a model law for CIS countries,” said secretary of the Dashnaktsutyun faction Grair Karapetyan. According to him, the law outlines the legal and organizational bases of counter terrorism and regulates relevant relations.

The law implies the establishment of a coordination body, the operative counter terrorism headquarters which will be supervised by the Armenian president. The republican executive national security body, the Interior Ministry and the Armenian Armed Forces handle counter terrorism issues. Other executive bodies also have anti-terrorist authorities. The law prohibits the distribution of information hampering counter terrorism activities and exposing the life and health of Armenian citizens to danger.

However it is not expected that the law will cover the Armenian terrorism. Dashnaks and other Armenian terrorists committed terrorist attacks against the Turkish and Azerbaijani targets in the past. There is a strong terrorist tradition among the Armenian nationalists since the Ottoman period. Many high-ranked Ottoman ministers and other bureaucrats were assassinated by the Armenian terrorists. The Armenian riots and terrorism cost more than 500.000 Muslims in 19th and 20th century. Armenian terrorist campaign was started in 1970s once more and more than 40 Turkish diplomats were killed by the ASALA and other Armenian terror organizations. Armenian terrorists attacked the Western targets as well in 1980s, and some of them were captured and sentenced. However Armenian Government refused to make co-operation with Turkish and other governments in capturing the Armenian terrorists. Many terrorists see Armenia a ‘safe home’ for their activities.

Armenia also provided logistic and other supports for the PKK terrorism during the 1980s.

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