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‘Armenian claims spell political genocide’

ANKARA – Turkish Daily News

Those interpreting as genocide a 1915 tragedy, when the Ottoman Empire reacted to a group of people revolting against the government, actually realize that their claims of genocide are devoid of any legal base and are now trying to substantiate their claims from a political point and as a “political genocide,” a group of retired Turkish ambassadors said yesterday.

While Armenians have stepped up a campaign for international recognition of their claims as the 90th anniversary of the alleged genocide approaches, a group of retired Turkish ambassadors in Ankara and Istanbul yesterday released a declaration on Armenian claims of genocide. The group, led by Kaya Toperi and Yüksel Söylemez, said the purpose of the substantiation of claims from a political point is explicit:

“The leaders of the Republic of Armenia, in addition to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, openly designate the Eastern Anatolian region of Turkey as ‘Western Armenia’ and make no secret of their goal ‘that one day when conditions are more propitious these lands will become part of the dream of greater Armenia’.”

The ambassadors urged the international community to reconsider the issue in all its aspects and to remain impartial as to the assumption of responsibility for this tragedy. “Let there be a culture of peace, to replace the unfortunate culture of hate between Turks and Armenians,” the declaration concluded.

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