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In the course of history, our people have had incumbents on hierarchical and royal thrones who have been worthy of their vocations. Also we have had honorable religious and lay pioneers, benefactors and intellectuals who, even in times of great duress, have laboured to contribute to the spiritual and cultural heritage of our people. Unfortunately, besides them, there have also been the unworthy ones who have always hidden behind their thrones, embellished titles, status or fortune in order to be able to continue their dark dealings. May the Lord God protect our people from such religious and lay evil doers.

The Central Committee of the ADL Party, with its well known president who is the personally employed secretary of the chairwoman of the AGBU Central Board of Directors, has published a second press release aimed at the incumbent of our Patriarchal See – a press release full of falsification and ill-natured deceitfullness. To see the ADL Party and the AGBU stoop to such a level is a pity indeed.

The issue here is not international relations, nor has it anything to do with the relations between our patriarchal sees, or the preparation of future clergy – matters with which the ADLP/AGBU group attempts to cloud the issue.

Who in the whole world has not yet clearly understood that the ADLP/AGBU’s main reason to be in such an unseemly commotion is simply this: These people seem unable to present an account of the Melkonian Will which they had received from our Patriarchal See in 1925. What occurred to the Melkonian fortune which was worth about 3,5 million US dollars in the 1920s? If it has been properly invested hitherto, then why is that the AGBU has taken a decision to close down the only Armenian senior high school within the borders of the European Union and sell all its lands and buildings? Do our people not reserve the right to inquire, especially when, according to the members of the Cypriot Armenian community, the land and the properties of the Melkonian Educational Institute are worth not less than 120 million US dollars?

The ADLP/AGBU group uses an old and cunning method when it attempts to transfer a simple national education issue into the realm of international and ecclesiastic affairs.
When any group that pursues vain and bankrupt policies or that defies, despises or condescends to people – the very people who are the sole reason for its existence – such a group’s pitiful state is simply self-inflicted.

No distraction is needed: With regard to the AGBU and all those ADL members involved, in the name and memory of the magnanimous benefactor Garabed Melkonian and on behalf of Patriarch Zaven of blessed memory and the supporters of the Melkonian Educational Institute around the world, for the second time we say publicly, “give an account of thy stewardship.” (Luke 16:2).

May the Lord bless the memory of his servants, the great benefactors of our nation, Garabed and Krikor Melkonian brothers. May the love of Christ permeate the hearts, and minds, and souls of all those who have been tempted to misuse these benefactors’ good memory and wealth, especially in these days when we contemplate the selfless passion of our Lord and Saviour. May they all turn from their questionable ways to the compassionate and forgiving bosom our Heavenly Father.


19 March 2005, Istanbul

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