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Memory of the Greek Community in Tripoli (Tirebolu)

A Multi-Sited Historical Ethnography of a Black Sea Town

The series of monthly seminars, “Economy and Society on Both Shores of the Aegean”, organized by the Ottoman Bank Museum in collaboration with Alpha Bank and the History Department of Bogazici University, continues this month on the topic of the memory of past communities in Tirebolu.
Assistant Professor Arzu Ozturkmen from the Department of History at Bogazici University will be joining us with a presentation in English entitled “A Multi-Sited Historical Ethnography of a Black Sea Town:
of the Greek Community in Tripoli” on Friday, March 18, at 3:00 p.m.

In her lecture, Assistant Professor Arzu Ozturkmen will examine the memory of past communities in Tirebolu, a Black Sea town that was deeply affected by the movement of its population. Ozturkmen will also analyze the town’s material culture – destroyed and rebuilt continually since the 1910s – as a text worthy of consideration alongside the narratives. Ozturkmen’s study is based on oral history methodology, collecting life-history interviews, and using archived and published narratives on the past of the town.

Adressing the issue from a comparative perspective, the seminar will focus on how Tirebolu is remembered, based on Greek and Turkish sources.

After graduating from the Department of Business Administration at Bogazici University, Assistant Prof. Arzu Ozturkmen obtained her Ph.D.
from the Department of Folklore and Folklife at the University of Pennsylvania. Since 1994, she has been teaching oral history, the history of performing arts in Turkey, history and anthropology, culture in early Republican Turkey, and folk literature at the Department ofHistory at Bogazici University. Her current research areas are oral history, Black Sea studies, the history of folklore studies, the history of national celebrations, and dance history.

The monthly seminar series, “Economy and Society on Both Shores of the Aegean”, focuses on the Greek Orthodox populations of the late Ottoman and early Republican periods. Seminar speakers provide comprehensive information on the subject and have a special awareness of the delicate historical context.

Admission to the seminars is free. Prof. Socrates Petmezas will be our next speaker at the conference scheduled for Friday, April 15, 2005.

Vangelis Kechriotis
Instructor of Balkan History
History Department
Bogazici University
Bebek 34342 Istanbul, Turkey
office: +90-212-3597438

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