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Painter Vladimir Abrahamian will leave for China on March 29 on Chinese government’s invitation to teach painting at a newly opened Fine Art Academy. The painter personally announced the news at a meeting of the Armenian Fund of Culture yesterday. Vladimir Abrahamian has been a member of the Fund for 20 years now.

He signed a contract with the Chinese side for 6 months but it may be prolonged if there are good offers. “We will have the chance of experience exchange during my time there, and I will share with my experience with students back home. They wish to synthesize arts of the West and the East, we’ll see what will come out of this”, Vladimir Abrahamian said. The painter will display 25 canvases in Beijing, Honk Kong, Shanghai and other major cities of China.

The human being with his rich and controversial psychology is the center of Abrahamian’s pieces. He paints still life and portraits alike. Being a skillful master in his field he creates lyrical and philosophical canvases. A book about the painter published by the Armenian Fund of Culture reads: “The works of Vladimir Abrahamian alive with sincerity and bear the stamp of impressions that the thinking artist got from life”.

The painter has worked and still working in the sphere of book publishing illustrating hundreds of books.

By Gohar Gevorgian

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