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Resulting from wreckage one of the blocks of Inguri hydroelectric power station switched off, which entailed 50-70 MW deficit of electric power in Tbilisi. It was reported by Georgian Deputy Minister of Fuel and Energy Aleko Khetaguri, Regnum news agency reported. In his words, the situation in Georgians regions is even worse. The Deputy Minister informed that resulting from a wreckage of an Inguri hydroelectric power plant transformer both blocks of the station switched off. As a result the energy system of the country was deprived of 400 MW electricity. Khetaguri noted that specialists have already managed to restore the operation of one of the blocks, the functioning of the second one is planned to be restored March 15-20. In Khetaguri’s words, to fill up the gap it is planned to increase the import of electric power from Armenia 60 MW. It should be noted that at present 200 MW electricity is being imported to Georgia from Armenia. Specifically, ArmRosgazprom company daily exports 500 thousand kW-h electric power at a price of 2.5 cents for 1 kW-h. Georgian United Distributor Energy Company is the buyer. Besides, Telasi company provides electric power from Armenia to Georgia via the International Energy Corporation via Alaverdi electric main.

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