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Behave Yourself Or We Will Open Archives Of Armenian Genocide

8 March 05

According to Alexan Kirakosian, the US got offended from Turkey
recently. This is explained by profound reasons. In Iraq the Sunnies
were at power, while the majority of the population is Shiites. The
Turks are dissatisfied, as the power of the Sunnies fell down and
the Shiites came to rule the country.

They stated that the US committed a genocide in Iraq. The American
got angry with them for this statement and threatened the Turks that
if they don'behave themselves they will open the archives
of Wilson and Morgenthau. "These archives aren't fully open,
today.  There is the real picture of the Armenian genocide there,
particularly, all the documents concerning Versailles and the Sevres,"
Alexan Kirakosian said.

By Karine Danielian

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