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The 2006 World Football Championship preliminary game Armenia-Andorra will take place in the stadium «Hanrapetakan» after Vazgen Sargsyan on March 26 at 6 p.m. For the last few years this is the first case when the game in Yerevan starts so early. The reason is that the quantity of fans in the stadium is lowering.

The game Armenia-Andorra will be served by the referees from Malta. The chief referee is Joseph Atard, the first assistant is Phillip Ogyust, the second – Conrad Borg, and the forth is Adrian Kasha. The referee inspector will be Sergey Zuev from Russia, and the FIFA inspector will be Istvan Huzar from Hungary.

The Armenian Youth team will be resting in this round as Andorra does not have a youth team.

4 days after this game on March 30 in Eindhoven the Armenian National Team will play with the favorite of the group, the Netherlands. The latter is the only team in the group which has had no losses so far.

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