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Putin to Visit Armenia on March 25

3 March 05
Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian Federation, is going to visit
Armenia on March 25. He will participate in the opening ceremony of
the Russia's Year in Armenia. A number of arrangements in the spheres
of culture, trade-economic relations, education, science, information
and sports are envisaged for 2005. in 2006 Armenia's year will be held
in Russia.
After the visit of the Russian President, the mission of Anatoly
Dryukov, current RF Ambassador to Armenia, will end. Nikolai Pavlov,
Representative of RF Foreign Ministry to the Federal Region of
Siberia, former RF Ambassador to Mongolian Republic, will replace
Anatoly Dryukov in Armenia.
Anatoly Dryukov was the third Russian ambassador to Armenia (since
1998). Vladimir Stupishin (1992-94) and Andrey Urnov (1994-98) were
the Russian Ambassadors to Armenia before Dryukov.

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