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Turkish FM: 40,000 Armenians Work in Istanbul

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul says 40,000 Armenians from Armenia live and works in Istanbul, Turkish city. Gul gives an interview to Turkish daily Hurriyet.

‘Most of these Armenians work for technical companies. An NGO made a research on these people and says these people’s relations with Turks are perfect. Interestingly the Armenian workers in Istanbul has no very close relations with Turkish Armenians” Gul added.

Apart from Istanbul thousands of Armenians work in Turkish cities. Turkey has no diplomatic relations with Armenia, however there is an air link between Turkey and Armenia and Armenian citizens has no problem in visiting Turkey.

Armenia does not recognise Turkey’s national borders and call Eastern Turkey ‘Western Armenia’. Armenian forces still occupy 20 percent of Azerbaijani territories. Armenia also has problems with neigbouring Georgia.

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