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YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 8. ARMINFO. The president of the Armenia Lada company Rafael Shahmuradyan died of several bullet wounds in the head, reports Kommersant. To remind, Shahmuradyan was found dead on the highway leading to Tolyatti, Russia, last Sunday.

The Tolyatti police are investigating into the case: searching for Shahmuradyan’s bodyguards. When examining Shahmuradyan’s body they found $10,000 in his pocket but his case with $250,000 is lost.

The police have not yet found Shahmuradyan’s car either. They have found a Makarov shell in the scene. Now they are interrogating Shahmuradyan’s employees. The motives are not known yet. The police suppose that Shahmuradyan was carrying money to Tolyatti to pay cash for a new lot of cars.

Armenia Lada is the biggest importer of Russian passenger cars into Armenia. The company is the official dealer of AvtoVaz JSC. Armenia Lada has been operating in Armenia since 1985 importing 8,000 VAZ and GAZ cars a year. Shahmuradyan was planning a 25% increase in the car import into Armenia by reorienting from the Russian market. In an interview to a Yerevan media he said that this decision followed the recent problems at Upper Lars, a check point in the Russian Caucasus being the only way to bring Russian cars to Armenia. “We will change our import market unless the problem is resolved. The Armenian consumer will not suffer from that but the Russian export will as we are the key importer of Russian cars in Armenia,” Shahmuradyan said.

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